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 Save Mallory Park

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PostSubject: Save Mallory Park   Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:29 pm

As you are aware the circuit is coming under an increasing number of noise restrictions and other constraints, in fact its very future is now in doubt. This will almost certainly be the last Festival of a 1000 Bikes in its present form, if it is to continue at all!

Unfortunately we now live in a very overcrowded country, becoming ever more so due to our being shackled to Europe. We're beginning to live on top of one another and as a result we're becoming more intolerant of other people's activities. Almost every venue is now being monitored by residents' action groups and local authority environmental health officials.

Please type 'Mallory Park e-petition' into your browser, add your details and help to save one of motorsport's great traditions.
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john bass


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PostSubject: Bit of a difficult one...   Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:08 am

Bit of a difficult one that. The circuit ownerŽs were said to have broken the rules by having more `LONGERŽ noisy days than were permitted by local law... Something like that -- or just more NOISY days than their allocation...?

Adding a signature to a petition might help save the circuit .... IŽll add mine....

What happens, of course, is that Real Estate companies and property developers find plots of land in rural places that are low-cost because a race track happens to be already there... "Not really noisy Mr & Mrs Cheapskate -- just the odd Sunday now & again ..." says the estate Agent....

Then when there are enough of them the low-cost householdesr get together and moan...

I remember Mallory being a grass track -- sort of out in the wilds -- I expect, now there are lots of houses close by ....

Best of luck!
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Save Mallory Park
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