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 Something to ponder over !

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Trevor Amos

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PostSubject: Something to ponder over !   Sat Mar 16, 2013 9:49 am

If you wish to understand what regulators have achieved, consider 4-stroke engines used in F1 .
These engines rotate at 18,000 + rpm and last for just a relatively short period of time . The airflow into the engine amounts to some 31 kg per minute , fuel is added at a ratio of around 12.5-1 and so 2.4kg of petrol is consumed per minute . No more than 2kg of that fuel is fully oxidised , the remaining .4 kg of unburned fuel is discharged as toxins , together with over 6kg of carbon dioxide per minute , and ther are 20+ cars on a F1 grid !

Yet regulators have come down heavily , and with finality , on the diminutive 125cc two stroke engine !

These are not my words , but they do provoke some serious thought .

Mind you , i would love to have a Moto 3 engine , what little jewels they are !

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john bass


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PostSubject: Yes Trevor!   Sat Mar 16, 2013 9:05 pm

Yes Trevor!

It is called hypocrisy where only the multi-loaded win!

You know, of course, how much an entry costs for F1 -- it is $500,000 a go ....

The tyre consumption is arounfd 36,000 tyres per season.

Big money always wins!!

Chin up! -- and cheers!
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Something to ponder over !
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