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 Mallory for JS2

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PostSubject: Mallory for JS2   Wed Mar 27, 2013 2:50 am

I can't remember when I felt so cold. Brian and I arrived the night before unloaded then spent the rest of the evening trying to get warm it was bitter cold. I awoke to the call of nature at about 4am all the lights were out in the paddock for some reason but the call was too great, by the time I returned to the car any heat I'd retained had gone and I spent the rest of the night waiting for morning.
Brian was OK in his arctic sleeping bag, mine was over 40 yrs old, it's now in the bin,. Anyway.

Mallory for JS2 was a successful day the motor ran well, the new pipe seemed to work, the pump worked extremely well in fact too well it kept the temperature down to 54degC ( I need to work on that). Brian managed all but the last session when he ran out of petrol, My fault, he rode well and reduced his lap times by 10 sec's ( not bad considering a 30yr time laps). The only problem we had was gear change which brings me to a question I would ask Mike Powell, I remember you posted on the forum a photo and explanation of a modification to the gear selector ie reversing the spring ect, I've looked for it but no joy, could I ask you please to post it again or just explain what you did as I think if I can sort out the gearbox Brian, (once his new hip joint is in place) will be up with you guys.

Les 2012.
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Mallory for JS2
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