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 John sawer memorial Trophy,

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PostSubject: John sawer memorial Trophy,    Thu Apr 11, 2013 11:54 am

Hi All
At the same time as writting a few Bantam racing letters to variouse places, I recently wrote to Sue Sawer, Johns wife of 36 years before he passed on last year, she replied offering a Trophy of John's to be given out in his name, my initial contact was to find a reason to give to the new Midlands boys, apparently there are some really beautiful cups, so she would like to see go to a good cause/be used again, they are from the earlier Bantam racing club years, I think it would not cost a great deal to have a few converted by way of a small brass plack pinned on in his name.

I spoke to a few at the recent midlands bash about this, it was suggested this should be given to a Bantam supporter/racer, but I should offer to listen to others in the wider group first, ? if no takers they will be awarded to the initial sugested people, who form part of the New Midlands Bantam and Classic racers, in a "two strokes" event.
before anyone makes a suggestion, this is what I new of John, to help decide how his trophy/ies should be passed on,
I did not know john as well as some, but if I where to write about him I would say "John Sawer" was a strong supporter of the purest "Bantam racer", he fought against the allowance of short strokes into the formula, in fact john was against allowing anything that would make it more difficult for the normal man to build and race competertively a Formula Banatam Racer. I heared a storey I did not know about, only at his funeral, spoken by a retired and very well known and respected gentlman/Engineer, who told a storey about how "John" had returned from a club technical /managment meeting", and was full of enthusiasum to develop/build a new motor, to the changed rules, even though at this meeting he had just been defeated in a vote, to allow them!. and how he and Lez just got on with the job of building a new engine for the new formula, this is the Engine/bike currently campaigned by Brian Lane, (refered to by Lez the engine builder I think as JS2?,) this motor in its original form finished 2nd in the bantam championship no less than "five times" john won many races on it. This was at a time when there were many faster competertively Racing Bantams and rider tuner groups, than there are this day.
John was also a great supporter to many new Bantam racers me being one of them, he offered a lot of help to new starters, I'm became good friends with John in the paddock, as Im sure many did, John was also an avid supporter of the club and was tresurer / club secretary, he also wrote many great articles for the then Bantam racing club magazine, a very popular read in its day.
if you have an idea's to award a trophy in Johns name, please feel free to offer it. PM me if you wish.

regards Derek
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PostSubject: John sawer memorial trophy   Wed Apr 17, 2013 3:29 am

Hi Derek,
I agree with your suggestion, John was a recognized member of the BRC and did a great deal towards the development of the BRC early days and should be rememberd. My suggestion, for what it's worth, is forget those at the top they would walk away with it, take it from the middle pack say from 5th down and at the end of the season the rider with the most points wins for that year, name engraved ect.

The progression of JS2 is at last getting there, you never know Brian may be in the contest.

Les 2012
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John sawer memorial Trophy,
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