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 BRC transfers and emblems

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PostSubject: BRC transfers and emblems   Sun Jan 12, 2014 4:57 pm

Some might find a good home and use for these ?
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john bass


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PostSubject: The Prices...?   Mon Jan 13, 2014 7:22 am

Interesting John!

The prices, of course had me cringing but we OAPs  must adjust to the times. A Bantam headlamp WITH RIM -- now thereīs a thing! for only 9.99ī.... Wow!

A young Teddy Boy sold me a whole Bantam grass-track racer for a fiver in 1957. Probably nicked, of course, but a decade later I wished Iīd kept it when a whole Bantam from a Breaker cost me 15 quid.  

It was not the difference of costs that had me writing this. It was WHEN I wonder WAS THE BEST TIME FOR BANTAM RACING? It was RACING ON THE CHEAP and both my Bantams were very-low-cost and in spite of the odds against it I did enjoy racing them. In the Intermediate class, of course.

Would that BEST BANTAM RACING ERA be the first decade: 1961 -- 71 when Roy bacon and Fred Launchbury were dominant; or when I was riding Icarus-1 and 2 and sometimes racing when they both went well ... `68 -- 74 time;  or in Nedīs time as Chairman when he had a super BRC Magazine, reporting race meetings and Centre News***   --  Or is  it now...???  

Just something to think about when race-meeting reports are non-existent ...


*** we did those too with our Newsletter ... but not quite so splendiferously as Nedīs magazine....
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BRC transfers and emblems
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