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 Norton number 3 fly press

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PostSubject: Norton number 3 fly press   Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:19 pm

Hi All

I have a small fly press if anyone wants it, asking price collect only, needs cleaning but it's yours if you want it.

Where can I get a good liner made as I need one for my new motor, advice appreciated.

On the subject of equality of weight, I seem to remember the mention of this when I wrote a post regarding JS and Mike Bridges at Cadwell, same bike, same conditions, Mike was quicker in his race and a good 2nd to Mike Cashmore who had 8-10mph on john in his race, mike being a lot lighter therefor the bike had less weight to carry.

All the best
Les 2012.
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john bass


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PostSubject: Hi Les....   Tue Jun 20, 2017 6:56 am

Hi Les ... 'scuse me for going a wee bit theoretical but it's the  acceleration  as well max speed that makes faster riders, winners when on the smaller capacity bikes... 

...the formula,     (Accelerating)  Force(F)  =   mass(m) x acceleration(a)  -- can be wriiten:-

              a  = F/m and when we put m = w/g ,  the equation becomes:-  

              a  =  Fg/w ----- Where w is the total weight of rider and bike.***

                so if (w) is ´LARGE (a) will be small  and the smaller(lighter)  bloke wil be quicker during acceleration...

    The (i)acceleration force  -- or force of (ii) deceleration when you hit the deck -- can be expressed as fraction of g and in the latter, as say, 2g -- then it really hurts..

I once published the difference in acceleration of riders of 10 stone to 12.5 stone with bikes also of increasing weights and it proves the point of that matter you mention.
Scrooge was about my weight which meant we battled frequently....

*** the skinny. liitle blokes will argue that the w difference is small because the rider's weight compared with the bike´s weight is small but a small minus in acceleraion shows up big when racing.

You are porobably well aware of the theory above and I apologise for being a such a boring AH...!!?.
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Norton number 3 fly press
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