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 stiched up or what

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PostSubject: stiched up or what   Fri Sep 23, 2011 7:07 am

I have to tell you of my experience today, I had a trip donw to sunny Tunbridge wells, on the way down I returned some borrowed fuel from my memory I borrowed 8ltrs at an earleir meeting this year, i had two issues to deal with for doing this.

Im not saying this guy stiched me up but "he did"

1) I have a great long term memory, I borrowed 8 ltrs of avgas, but he swore blind it was 10, and emptied 10 ltrs into his cans before I could say anymore, "i have gone back and spoke to a guy who was there when the fuel was originally emptied into my can he says yes i owed him
8 ltrs and that what was put in your can. ? -

2) After this I should have known better and seen the next one comming, as "said" rider, then suggested we smooth it all over, with a trip to the kentuky, it was dinner time, I thought blimy he's being nice about this, being very civilised i agreed, "he even invited his work colleague along to", when we got to the counter we establishment what ? "you guessed it" - "not only had he forget his wallet but he only remembered this after we had all ordered, so i ended up forlking out for it ? what an embarisment, it was water off a ducks back for him, this just got to be the first time I have ever been stiched up for money.!

They even had the ordasidy to invit me back,?? can you image it, ! they must be joking, I ant never going back there again, who needs friends.
a word of advice, stay away from the coopers garage in tunbridge "you have been warned"?

Derek Betts
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stiched up or what
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