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 Racing a Bantam on closed roads

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PostSubject: Racing a Bantam on closed roads   Tue Jan 17, 2012 9:23 am

Its been a bit quite on here lately so i've gone through some of my arhive to
recall a time when I did some scary racing on real roads ;I only did it twice,
the third time I deciclined. It was great fun and very different to racing on
closed roads ie race tracks. It was exciting racing in armo alley and over a
zebra crossing pass the school and the cemetery. The place I went to was
Jehonville in Belguim.. Gerry Daine and Lance Saunders(Arkwright) said to me
why not come to Jehonville to marshall, I said if i'm off to Belguim I want to race.
They said ok , they marshalled I raced. Here's a few pic's sorry bout the quality..

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Racing a Bantam on closed roads
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