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 Drule stats posts/ and the boring none posters.

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PostSubject: Drule stats posts/ and the boring none posters.   Thu Apr 12, 2012 6:46 pm

To Trevor and All

Just looking at the number of stat's on posts on here seems that Trevor Amos has "at last" broken through the 2000 views mark and still building, while Edd and my self are well ove 10,000, seems people find us more interesting !! - well the sun newspaper is said to be the most popluer most read and its full of all sorts of "information". interesting ? !!!!!

seriously I see lots of people looking in but no comments recently, well any worthy of any comment other than me /nigels/ Trevor or Edd's.

"I remeber my couson a "A LITTLE BOY" was so stuborn, but he onl every affected his own enjoyment whilst trying to preach his objections by not talking to me! the only person this affected was "HIMSELF" I feel more information should be comented on, as I hear lots disagreeing with some and agreeing with other ideas on others, "So" if you disagree, come on have the balls to say "why".

Please dont just sit behind closed doors and not comment, we want to know and understand why you disagree, and what is your reason for your thinking or process, we can deside from many views or perspectives as to weather its bull or shine or like many cases a bit of both.

anyway while we are on this subject, I see Ed has 100 more replies to his 10000.0 plus views post than mine does, this was said at the midlands do to be bacause "people like him and find his easier to respond to, "WELL for the record I like to think its because I'm so techincal people look at my posts and after first reading have no idea what I talking about, all I can say is when you do undestand it PM me so I can! one was siad to have read mine 10 times before he could understand what Im saying, and thats before they decide "not to reply", or it could be because, my posts are more inetersting or techincally controvercialially better!! One evebn said he could never tell weather "I was being seriouse" / "just taking the sensorsed" or "off my rocker", Actually if the truth be know its None of these "its because of a time when I decided I was to jump in the cut" I pursuaded my friend to jump in first so he did, I then decided I was not going to much to his anoyance, but he had convinced me it was colder than I had expected. !

or it could be down to all three, or was it 4" reasons!

so finishing off Treorrrry" wellcome to the 2000 bracket, but please keep going "one day" you will aspire to our exceptional post performances, I feel we all have a lot to learn, "off each other". ?!!!!!!

Best regards Derek

best wishes to all for Mallory.
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Edward Pickering


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PostSubject: Re: Drule stats posts/ and the boring none posters.   Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:00 am


I dont think you can compare many topics on here with regards to numbers or views, each is different in its own right. You mention the difference between mine and yours yet mine is using a basis and trying to pull information for new builders and starters compared to yourself who had something to start with.

When my dad's bike starts and gets out for the next meeting and if he said he enjoyed it and i wanted to think about racing myself would i know where to buy a complete bike or know where to get all the bits to start again, probably not.

With regards to replies, i have probably had more chats to racers at meetings than i have had on here, maybe not everyone likes to post? Quite a few racers/ tuners i would like to talk to in person but have always been the type to leave people when they are busy or doing there racing.

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Drule stats posts/ and the boring none posters.
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