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 Bantam racer service schedule..

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PostSubject: Bantam racer service schedule..   Tue Sep 04, 2012 7:48 am

Ok all bantam race bike's are a bit different! but generally a lots of the moving parts have a similar
service check or routine and milage count? - the other option of course is keep racing it until something breaks!! then change it if your motor is not completly ruined!!

Here is a Schedule for my 125 bantam i would expect a lower reving motor to have longer services(?)

After Every Meeting -
Check piston for cracks (replace if cracked)
Check ring gap in bore (replace if more than .030")
Check primary chain (replace if any rollers missing)
Replace gearbox/clutch oil
Inspect clutch plates (replace plate if to thin)

Replace caged roller small end bearing
Add an extra clutch spring (was 6 now 7)

End-season (or Pre-season)
Strip check clean - gears selectors, crank etc
Check Bore wear (hone if required replace grade size piston)
Replace - main bearings/seals. gearbox bearings/bush. primary chain. 6 new clutch springs.

Every 1000 to 1200 approx 3 seasons?
Replace Con-rod assy (rod, big end, crankpin and shims)

What do others do?

Regards Mike

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Bantam racer service schedule..
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