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 Bantam bits

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PostSubject: Bantam bits   Bantam bits Icon_minitimeMon Jan 29, 2018 1:24 am

Hi all,
I have been asked by a friend to dispose of some spares these include a set of Honda forks complete with twin leading shoe hub on alloy rim converted to fit the Bantam, I think they are from a 60is maybe 70is 125cc ,also a rear alloy wheel to fit same, the forks come with bars as well.
31/2 sets standard 3speed gears, 5 gear selector shafts, umteen sprockets 13 to17 and many rear sprockets.

Lots of clutch bits, 2 crank cases both in need of small repair, 2 large flywheels std bantam.

There are more bits I will post when I've had time to sort them out.

Price wise, Negotiable. PM me if interested.

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Bantam bits
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